GMAC-Ally Bank

Today, in the height of cloud computing, access to online applications and transacting business is pretty seamless, right?  Most financial institutions offer their customers the ability to access their accounts, make a wire transfer, pay bills, and transfer money.   Access is pretty straightforward and flawless.


Prospecting is something that always peaks my natural curiosity, so on November 15th  at 7 am in the morning, I joined a number of sales people from different venues.  The meeting was put on by a local lead hunting group the claims they can get

The Telephone is part of a Sales Person's Craft and Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe By Andre Robichaud It is Monday morning, your hunter, your function, find new business!  It is 5:20 AM in the morning and if you are like me you grab your coffee.  You are either at telecommuting office or sitting behind your desk at

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