Andre “Drew” Robichaud Founder / Author

Andre Robichaud

Cloud Computing is the way of the future it’s a necessary technology required to survive, thrive and compete in the modern business world.  More So, it allows businesses to focus on revenues, position and being poised for the future without the overhead, capital expense and worrying about staying up on the latest and greatest technology.

Cloud Resource DFW is a site dedicated to the eco-system that evolves around cloud technologies such as Data, Business Intelligence, Security and all the moving parts involved for businesses and people like myself who make a living selling, implementing or just general enthusiasts.

A little about myself;  I spent the last 10 years being a resource to companies who have a general willingness embark on a Cloud transition, and with that responsibility  I help uncover, explain and educate what is important at the beginning, and through the entire incremental process.  What’s more, it takes a person with highly creative ideas and effective communications to help prospects and customers make sense of vaguely defined strategies.  It’s a process that takes careful planning and vetting from the highest levels to see a project from inception to end.  Last but least I am very confident working with all kinds of diverse environments including structured, unstructured, startup and big account management.  The role I seek allows me to Quarterback all efforts from P&L to strategy and communication with thought leaders while working with a cross-functional team to deliver the desired result.   Some of the technologies  I work with are the following:

SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Cloud Contact Centers, lVR/AVS IP Professional Services, Cloud Hosting, Security and Data Intelligence Services, Big Data, Data Quality, CRM’s and the list goes on.

Thank you for Reading and hope to hear your input, below are are areas I love to work in.


  • Cloud Solutions SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
  • Implementation / Strategy
  • Business Strategy / Requirements
  • Profit – Loss
  • Negotiation
  • Sales/Sales Process
  • Territory Planning and Execution
  • Federal Gov’t – FAR Regulations

Working with Andre Robichaud

“As the Director of Enterprise Solutions, from the first day I met Andre he was a true professional, always in go mode from one minute to the next. In a span of three weeks Andre managed to penetrate deep into my organization and organized several meetings with our Company. I have known Andre for over four years, and he never waivers from the ultimate goal of getting something done. He can juggle multiple relationships and tasks while orchestrating toward the end goal.” November 10, 2012

– Director Enterprise Software

Non-Profit in Dallas Texas

Director of Enterprise Software

Andre was very instrumental in his day to day tasks always bridging the gap between the offshore team and the executives. He is very effective at managing the business requirements and minimizing scope creep, you put Andre on a problem and he solves it effectively and efficiently, he’s very thorough in his assessments and driving change.” Feb, 3 2007

Chairman FrisoSoft LLC

Frisco Texas

CEO and Chair
  • The 2014 Year at 283% of quota
  • The 2015 Year at 191% of Quota
  • Certified in Virtualization Cloud Storage, services cloud computing architecture, security
  • Certified in Mobility platform and applications.

Andre Robichaud achieved a remarkable feat in coordinating the migration of our entire organization’s technology infrastructure to the cloud on a tight schedule and on budget. He was highly focused on delivering to my high expectations, and I would strongly recommend him and his entire team to any firm looking to transition to an outsource IT delivery model.

– Director of Technology & Operations

Financial Services Company, Seattle Washington


Chief Technology and Operations Officer Financial Company
  • Grew the business from 0 Customers to 150 clients over a 3 year term increased revenues by 300%
  • Working with Direct and Channel Partners, Cloud Contact Center Solutions

Providing Unified Communications, presence, call recording, and contact center telephony in the cloud, delivering customized applications consistently meeting and exceeding my quota of 100,000 by 50% to 100% growing my assigned territory by 150% in a fiercely competitive market.


  • 3 Million in New Revenue
  • Territory Growth of 150%
  • 250 to 300 K Monthly Recurring Revenue
  • Sales to Este Lauder, MADD, Olin Mills, Learning Sciences International, PepsiCo
  • Top Sales Rep for 12 month

Delivering Interactive Voice Response Software as a Service to include contact center, analytics with 3rd party integrations with, Oracle, Apple Platforms, Click to call applications to Fortune 500 and 1000 clients.


  • 2007 Rookie of the Year award for reaching my quota of 1.2 million in sales
  • Consistently selling 100K per month new Monthly Recurring Revenue
  • Build out the Central Territory having a 51% growth increase
  • 8-10 Demos a week
  • 60% Closing Ratio
  • 2008 closed out my entire quota at 1.2 Million in the first Quarter.

Tasked with the operational effectiveness to include; motivation, training and execution of day to day orders in the areas of North America, Japan, South America and the Middle East.


  • 8 Meritorious Citations for going above and beyond service levels
  • 1 Navy Accommodation Medal
  • 1 National Defense Ribbon
  • 2 Good Conduct Medals
  • Honorable discharge
  • Manager of 8 US Marines

“I worked with Andre back in the early 90’s when we were both serving together as U.S. Marines. He did a great job at every task/assignment he was given. Would function independently with little to no supervision, Displayed strong leadership skills and overall was just a great Marine to work with. He was a real “take charge” kind of guy. Thoughtful and thorough at everything he did. I would gladly jump at the chance to work with him again.”


If you wish to contact me about a question or sales opportunity please send me an email at [email protected]   I am always open to the idea of looking at new opportunities.