Two critical factors are changing the way users find products/or services and the best support for their needs.  As Digitization and the use of Mobility increases more and more users rely on a particular channel or multiple channels to seek data and reviews they need to make the right decision.  Notably, the abundance of information is fueling users to seek out and find what they need.  Therefore, consumer-facing businesses need to be aware of a user’s journey from inception to end.  In Fact, as technology continues to evolve, users will levitate toward companies that can respond, can answer and can deliver what they need expeditiously and continue to provide a great experience.  It’s also important to realize that if a user’s need grows in complexity companies must have insight into the journey and understand when a customer needs help.

Monitoring the Customer Experience through their preferred Channel

Businesses can no longer afford to route a user to email or a toll-free number or simply ignore them in a channel, doing so is a thing of the past.

As an illustration three or four months ago I had an issue with a Financial Institution, I proceed to their knowledge base where I had to log in.  I couldn’t find my answer after searching several times, I looked for a chat button, they did not offer this option.  So, I proceeded to social media, and their response was quite quick, but I was asked to call a via a toll-free number or email them.  So I called the toll-free number to resolve the issue and was greeted by an automated system.   The system prompted me for my account number and user ID.  By today’s technology  standards of an IVR, I expected some speech and linguistic capability.  After I entered my Account Number and ID I expected a personalized response considering I was a customer for 5+ years, but didn’t get it.  After presented with some choices, I chose option; 3 on my key pad indicating billing, and was routed to a Queue that kept me on hold for 10 minutes without the possibility of a scheduling a callback.  After about 12 minutes on hold, the IVR system hung up my call. (No Adaptive Routing Capability)

Bad IVR good IVR

At this point, I’m frustrated with the bad IVR system but called back in, repeating the same redundant process of entering my account number and user ID.  Finally, I was transferred to the agent that did not greet me but asked my name, asked for my account number and asked for my user ID.   Eyebrows raised, the agent then proceeded to transfer me to another department.  When I got through to the other department, the agent then asked for my account number and user ID.  This is truly an example of a bad IVR system, some serious data collection issues and the user experience was horrible, to say the least. No speech to direct me, no insight on my activity and no experience.

Users Expect a Great Experience regardless of Channel Preference

Businesses that have volumes of traffic over Digital and Mobility platforms like Financial institutions need to consider how the customer is using these channels.  In the case of my experience, they knew nothing about me, why I was calling, not to mention sending me to an alternative channel.  Consumers expect the pleasant experience regardless of channel preference and businesses need to be prepared to engage the user entirely.  In two years there has a been a significant change in how consumers choose to interact with a company.


Although there has been a slight decrease in usage, over some of the conventional channels, According to the major reporting firms, the IVR seems to remain prolific and a crucial element of engagement for users.  Regardless,  tracking the customer experience from inception to end is critical to the client’s experience So, a communication platform that can take insights from channel activities no matter the device and predict in real time what the consumer is calling about provides a better more personalized experience for the user.

Thanks for reading and please present your thoughts about communications and how its changed through your experience.

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