Data Science Immersive Program

Data Science is the fastest growing field, and companies are looking for experts who can manage the flow of data, translate it into meaningful insights and convert data which leads to better business decisions. The training you receive should help you and don’t be mislead by a lot of training programs on the market: The training provided by Divergence Academy is lead by real experienced instructors, with real data sets, real world case scenarios.  The instructors are well connected and have a pulse on where the real jobs exist.   DA is sponsored by the Texas Workforce Commission.  Are you interested in levitating your career then take a course with Divergence Academy! Registration is now open!

Watch the short introduction to Divergence Academy Learn more on the programs page or contact us.

The course duration is from Sept 5th – Nov 28th, 2016.

This 12-week course is a right blend of Business Analysis, Machine Learning, Data Engineering, and Software Development to build a Data Product. This course is well suited for:

  • Developers who want to transition to a new role of a Data Scientist
  • Entrepreneurs who want to launch new products covering IoT and analytics
  • PhD students who want to transition to the business world

A project-based approach that helps students develop the technical skills to solve problems and influence decisions with data.


4 COURSES / 80 hours Fee: $3,200 Duration: Schedule for four classes is on calendar here

Download Course Syllabus

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