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Cloud Resource DFW definitions glossary is a free online dictionary of cloud computing related definitions.  Today there are over 600 definitions, and it’s growing.  The definitions are available and shareable via social media and the web.

The Goal of CloudRes Glossary is to provide you with the technical terms as they relate to Cloud Computing cloud storage, security, data management, analytics and Big Data.  Instead of using high-level terminology CloudRes definitions are written at understandable level.  Our other goal is to be helpful and provide a simple explanation of terms.


The Definitions in this glossary are commonly used in the cloud computing arena and require little technical knowledge. Others may seem uncommon, but we try to keep our definitions at a logical level.

If you do not see a word in this glossary, feel free to add a word and definition.  All submitted definitions will be reviewed and posted.  Provided is an easy way to share the terms on Social Media.

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