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Yearly, a group called Manpower takes the time to conduct a worldwide “Talent Shortage Survey” or skills gap. In 2015 35% of 38,000 employers reported difficulty matching up jobs with the right skill set, and because of a lack of talent;  In the US alone 39% of companies is dealing with the issue.

The Skills Gap

Conversely, there is much to be said on the subject of skills gap that most IT groups face today.  Certainly, the forces playing a major part is the digital transformation, cyber security and cloud technologies. These disruptive changes int eh market is requiring new skills at an alarming pace.   TEKsystems confirms that the skills gap is a real problem.  Of the 1300 IT leaders surveyed by TEKSystems, 80% agree that the skills gap is a problem and out of those 1300 respondents, 32% believe they have the resources in-house.   This creates a bit of issue and an impact on the process and development operation. It reduces efficiency, increases the time to market and presents a substandard of the work completed.

Addressing the The Gap

Just how are IT leaders and professionals addressing this ongoing issue.  There are countermeasures deployed, and TEKsystems has identified and outlined some of the countermeasures.

  • Companies can train and develop the current workforce.
  • Use Temporary/contract workers.
  • Outsource IT projects
  • Increase Education and Technical Training initiatives
  • Flex Work schedules
  • Increase hiring
  • Better compensation to attract and retain top talent.

Let’s not look at this as reacting to the skills shortage but as a point of hiring and retaining professionals.  Certainly, some of the points mentioned above in combination wth outsourcing specific projects can balance organizations.

Filling The Skills Gap

Teams are taking different approaches to their staffing concerns.  In a recent Wall Street Journal article, CIOs Facing IT Skills Gap Eye the Gig Economy for Talent.  In a nutshell, the article talked about CIOs leveraging the freelance or contingent workforce.  This is quite appealing to CIOs because they can fill IT Team requirements by project or by time to avoid delays.  WSJ mentioned that the CIO Executive Council 46% are turning to contingent workers this year, and Deloitte said that Corporations are planning to increase the use of contingent workforce measures over the next three years.   Utilizing the Gig Economy is an excellent approach to the skills gap issue, but it is the catalyst to overall changes of how organizations will work as a society in the future.

Re-Shaping the IT Team

The market has presented a unique situation for CIOS an opportunity to transform their teams into efficient and productive resources.  It may take time and investment to improve, but the timing is perfect.   The top 5 Tactics that CIOS should think about when upskilling, attracting and sourcing the right talent are;

  1. Business acumen
  2. Cloud vendor management
  3. Data Management
  4. Analytics and Information Management
  5. Business Relationship Management

The skills gap issue can be seen as a positive influence to drive the necessary changes to meet the needs of an enterprise by investing in the required resources and levitate the technology strategy now and in the future.

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